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BIRTH DOULA - $770-$2000

Free 1 hour interview available

A birth doula’s role is to provide emotional, physical and informational support to a birthing person. Our goal is not to achieve a specific birth outcome, but to empower you to engage consciously with your preconceived ideas about birth, and about yourselves, so that your preparation integrates your whole person and leads you to a place of confident readiness and peaceful anticipation. 

In our prenatal sessions we will weave together the use of art and creativity, story-telling and gentle listening, alongside a more mainstream birth education and evidence based practices to offer a holistic approach. 

Sarah holds our birth doula contracts and practices under her own name at www.sarahemilydoula.com. To check availability and for package and pricing information, please contact her directly at sarahemilydoula@gmail.com

“What if birth is not just about a goal to accomplish, not just an outcome to achieve (healthy baby, unmedicated, vaginal, even “empowered”)? What if birth is an initiation - a process through which we are learning about the world and ultimately learning about ourselves?” 

Kelly Fischer


Free 1 hour interview available

As postpartum doulas, our role is to provide emotional, physical and informational support to the postpartum parent and their newborn.  Services also include breastfeeding consultation, referrals to community networks and visitation scheduling, infant care, occasional older sibling care, coordinating community efforts around food provision and in-home meal preparation, light house cleaning, and running errands.  We have a variety of postpartum wellness options available on our Beyond Birth page as well. 

Promoting your peace of mind, your well being and your ability to integrate new rhythms into your family’s life are essential in achieving the overarching goal of creating a nurturing and loving bond with your infant.  We are careful to empower self sufficiency so that you feel capable and ready when our time together comes to an end.  

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“Mothers need just as much attention as a newborn,

 because they too have just been born.”

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