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Katie is a certified lactation counselor (CLC). In the comfort of your own home she can assess breastfeeding using a multi-faceted approach. Within her scope, she can assess the needs of nursing parents and babies who are at risk of, or currently experiencing, lactation difficulties, providing follow up care, and triaging referral to other care providers as needed. Ideally a session is scheduled around a feeding time and will be a two hour visit.

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Food is fundamental in supporting the body to heal after birth. We have partnered with a local chef, Jenny Williams, at  Artisan Eats in Windsor Vermont. Jenny cares deeply about preparing nurturing and nutritive whole foods from scratch using local and organic ingredients. We develop quarterly menus inspired by traditional postpartum foods that can feed a whole family. The menu includes breakfast, snack and entree options that suit vegan, vegetarian and meat friendly diets

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We offer a variety of services that incorporate the use of herbs in gentle and palliative ways. These services are available through the first year after the birth of your baby. If you are a Postpartum Doula client, you may integrate these services into a scheduled session for the existing hourly rate and these service charges do not apply. 

We do not intend to diagnose, treat cure or prevent any disease and we do not prescribe. We grow, process and wildcraft as many herbs as we can and otherwise source them from organic and environmentally conscientious companies.  

Sessions can be combined for a discounted rate. Group rates available. 

FOOT BATHING - $50/session 

Foot Bathing is a simple but very effective method to help draw circulation throughout the body. Using a variety of herbs, salts, oils and massage, this gentle treatment helps to draw stagnant energy out of the body, it is warming and relaxing. 


Body and Energy Cleanse is a time to create deep quiet and go inward. This one hour session includes the use of massage, sound, plant smudging, quiet and meditation. 

VAGINAL STEAMING - $75/session 

Vaginal steaming is a traditional method of cleansing and toning the reproductive system using herbs and water. It is a practice respected and utilized by women across many traditional cultures and is being rediscovered by modern women worldwide.

The steaming works as a uterine lavage, meaning it stimulates and aids in cleansing the uterus. The steam creates heat and moisture, which releases the volatile oils in the herbs to be absorbed by the the porous tissues of the vagina, delivering their healing benefits to the womb. It provides relief for uterine congestion, similar to the way a nasal steam provides relief for the sinuses.


$100/ 2 hour session 

This is an opportunity to pause and see the new you as you reclaim your body through the postpartum healing experience. Whether it is related specifically to your labor journey or you are ready to give deeper attention to something that has been following you throughout your life, we will listen together. We will create a plan that guides you to accomplish personal goals related to your wellness. Likely we will recommend the use of food, herbs, and mind-body-spirit exercises to support you in achieving your goals. 


Ceremony is medicine. It is ritual. We have lost our traditions and our connection to each other and to the land. Ceremony is a place to reclaim these practices, to come together in prayer, sisterhood and brotherhood and give intention and space to our inner and outer processes. As we move throughout the moon cycles and the seasons of a year, we invite our community to gather and come together. This is a creative and intuitive process that is not bound by a specific faith or form. Each ceremony has its own reason and becomes clear as it materializes. Keep an eye on our calendar for New and Full Moon Gatherings, Solstice Celebrations and other inspirations! If you would like support to manifest a ceremony, do let us know. 

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