That you have arrived to this place means you are inquiring in some way about your own birth or perhaps that of a loved one. May you walk with open heart and body and mind as you enter consciously onto your path, taking all the time you need to pause and wonder and engage.

Our vision is for a community in the Upper Valley who feels supported in knowledge, healing and birth. We believe that birth is a journey, and that as doulas, our place in it is to witness and support you as you move through this unfolding rite of passage. It is our goal to help families come to a place of balance in preparation for birth, embracing heart and soul, as well as body and mind. 

We decided to bring our individual practices together because our perspectives and philosophies compliment each other well. In this way our work can be more holistic and complete. 

It would be an honor to share this time with you. You are already held in care, love, and respect.


Katie and Sarah 

Katie’s foundation in the healing arts started in nursing. She has her degree as a Registered Nurse. 

It was her own journey through pregnancy, cesarean birth and the postpartum time when she found her passion for doula work and saw the need for more holistic and intimate care for people throughout the perinatal experience. Her daughter, her greatest teacher, was born in 2011. She has completed the DONA Birth Doula and Birthing From Within trainings and is a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC). This year, Katie is actively pursuing certification as a Birthing From Within Mentor and INNATE Traditions Postpartum Care practitioner. 

Beyond a clinical practice, she is passionate about growing food as medicine with her family, has studied herbalism intensively, trained in mind, body, spirit practices with various teachers and is committed to ceremony and ritual as a form of healing. All of these modalities are woven into her practice.

Sarah has been doula in the Upper Valley for the past two years. She completed her DONA doula training in April 2018, is certified as a Sacred Baby practitioner and circle leader, has training in Birth Story Medicine and has is a certified VBAC Doula. Sarah is currently undergoing additional training as a Birthing From Within certified doula as well as a Still Birth Day Birth and Bereavement Doula.

As a mother, Sarah believes birthing a child is one of the most profound and life changing events in a person’s life, and as a doula her goal is to recognize this rite of passage with each client so that they may emerge from the birthing time feeling seen, honored and celebrated and with a new sense of compassion for themselves.  

Sarah practices as a birth doula under her own name at www.sarahemilydoula.com. To check availability and for package and pricing information, please contact her directly at sarahemilydoula@gmail.com

"Every woman hits a place somewhere in pregnancy, childbirth or postpartum where she thinks she is going to break. Or that she won't be able to "do it." But when a woman is loved through that place, when she is believed in that place, when she is listened to in that place, when she is held as strong enough in that place...without needing to be fixed or managed; that is the place where each woman finds HER way through HER mystery.  And that is how women gain confidence that they will find their way through all of the the other mysteries of life too."

Katherine Bramhall, Midwife

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